Now in its 6th Edition with 48 Tasks, the aim of this manual is to assist cleaners to acquire the basic skills necessary for any sector of the cleaning industry. The manual is divided into sections and each section is divided into Tasks, these correspond with the Tasks in the BICSc Cleaning Operators Proficiency Certificate (COPC) Scheme.

Each Task lists the equipment recommended, gives detailed step-by-step instructions on how it is to be carried out, advises safety precautions and gives recommendations regarding care of equipment. The Manual contains over 190 illustrations, many giving a humorous slant.

The manual is intended for:
- Trainers, assessors and students taking COPC Courses.
- Lecturers and students taking BICSc/City and Guilds Cleaning Science Courses.
- Lecturers and students taking Hotel & Accommodation Management Courses.
- Lecturers dealing with the cleaning content of Catering Courses.
- Hospital Domestic Managers, Hotel Services Managers and Supervisors.
- Local Authority Cleaning Managers and Supervisors.
- School Caretakers.
- Property Managers and in-house Cleaning Operatives.
- College and Public School Domestic Bursers.
- Contract Cleaners, particularly Proprietors, Training Managers and Supervisors.
- Industrial Caterers with a cleaning or housekeeping role.
- Trainers of Cleaning Operatives.

The paper is of high quality and bound to enable Tasks to be detached for training purposes. The cover is PVC laminated to allow easy cleaning.

New Tasks added since the 5th edition are:
AA.3 Storage of Equipment
F2A Unblocking of Waste Chutes
F4 Body Fluid Spillages and Contaminated Items

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AA Supporting skills
AA.1 Chemical competence
AA.2 Machines: Safe use and care.
AA.3 Storage of Equipment
A Hard Floors
A.1 Mop sweeping
A.2 Single solution mopping
A.3 Two solution mopping
A.4 Buffing
A.5 Spray cleaning
A.6 Machine scrubbing and drying
A.7 Strip, dry and re-apply emulsion polish
A.8A Prepare for and re-apply a semi- permanent seal using an abrasive mesh disc
A.8B Prepare for and re-apply a semi-permanent seal using a scarifying assembly on a concrete floor.
A.8C Prepare for and re-apply a semi-permanent seal using a chemical stripping agent
A.9 Bonnet mopping
A.10 Vitrification
A.11 Scrubbing and drying with battery powered scrubber drier
A.12 Scrubbing and drying with electrically powered scrubber drier
A.13 Machine sweeping with battery powered sweeper
A.14 Machine sweeping with a petrol/ propane powered sweeper
A.15 Cleaning of stairs, landings, balustrades and handrails
A.16 Drum sanding
B Carpets
B.1 Suction cleaning
B.2 Hot water extraction
B.3 Dry foam shampooing
B.4A Wet shampooing
B.4B Dry powder, or granules, carpet cleaning
B.5 Carpet skimming
C Vertical Surfaces and High Levels
C.1 High level cleaning
C.2 Wall washing
C.3 Window cleaning
C.4 Pressure washing
C.5 Graffiti removal
C.6 Dry steam cleaning
C.7 Ventilation extracts grille cleaning
D Furniture

D.1 Dusting, damp wiping, washing, polish application.
D.2 Upholstery shampooing
D.3 Cleaning toilets, sluices and urinals
D.4 Cleaning basins, baths, showers and bidets
E General
E.1 Stain removal
E.2 To erect and dismantle a mobile tower scaffold
E.3 Cleaning personal computers
E.4 Cleaning Lifts
E.5 Telephone cleaning
F Waste
F.1 Litter picking
F.2 Wastes clearance
F2A Unblocking of Waste Chutes
F.3 Cleaning bin areas
F4 Body Fluid Spillages and Contaminated Items .

6th edition 2002, A4 size, 98 pages, fully illustrated, soft cover, comb binding

Author - JKP Edwards 19.00